Last Stop Garage TV show

February 28, 2018

LAST STOP GARAGE. Collin Baikie called back home to his mother and father to relay his most recent experience.  At first they thought it was also a hoax but soon realized that plans has been made for a film crew to travel to the family’s hometown of North West River.  So on March 15, 2016 a film crew from Proper Television in Toronto came to town to record a five minute trailer for TV.  They spent 3 days in the town interviewing and filming the character staff at CRB Rebuild and Recreation Ltd (the Last Stop Garage TV show location) which includes the northern remote repair shop of CRB Automotive.  This shop is located at the end of the open road. The furthest point in Northeastern North America one can drive in an automobile.  A place where big box stores are non-existent…..a place where big auto parts stores do not exist…..a place where if one doesn’t have the auto parts required one must search for something similar or make it from scratch. 


North West River Labrador is truly the end of the open road.  We brought Mike Armitage of Proper Television to that place.  He had asked if there was sign stating this.  We said no but we could make one!  Mike decided that a great working title for the proposed new show would be, LAST STOP TO NOWHERE.  A title that conjures up a remote and isolated region with North West River being the last place, or first place a long distance traveler would arrive at or leave from.  We found out that the reason Mike was interested in our area was thru a flight back from Europe which took him over Labrador.  Labrador is the first land mass one would see when flying westward, or coming ashore, where the Atlantic Ocean meets North America.  Mike looked down at the frozen land and wondered who would live there.  The world was about to find out.


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