Where is Last Stop Garage

February 15, 2018

LAST STOP GARAGE. Back in early 2016 there came a call on Facebook of someone looking for the elements needed to take on a new Canadian reality television show. What they needed were 1. A place no one had really seen before, 2. A family owned business and 3. Employees who could be considered “characters”.  Corey Webber, lead mechanic at CRB Rebuild and Recreation Garage in North West River, viewed it and called his buddy Collin Baikie the co-owner of CRB who was in MMA fighter training at Tri-Star Gym in Montreal at the time.  Collin checked for the ad but after 24 hours it had disappeared from online. 

Luckily Corey Webber had captured a snap of this Facebook post the day before and forwarded it onto Collin Baikie.  Collin read the article and saw the contact telephone number and decided to give it a try.  The man who answered on the other end was none other than Mr. Mike Armitage of Proper Television/Proper Productions in Toronto. Mike was a development producer with a number of hit Proper television reality shows including Master Chef Canada, Canada’s Worst Driver, and Storage Wars Canada and even won a Gemini Award for the development of the famed CRB hit “Dragon’s Den”.  This seemed to be a good starting point.  Collin began the conversation by saying “this casting call must be a hoax”.  Mike assured him this was not the case and proceeded to ask Collin if the criteria he was looking for, matched what Collin had in his family business.  Sure enough it did!  Collin described our staff as the extreme ones, the grumpy ones and the level headed ones.  Exactly what Mike Armitage was looking for in new characters, and three days later in February a three member film crew showed up at Tri Star Gym in Montreal where Collin Baikie was training.  Collin then realized these people were serious.


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