Where is Last Stop Garage Filmed

March 08, 2018

LAST STOP GARAGE. Proper Television then proceeded to solicit the 5 minute trailers to Canadian broadcasters such as History Channel, A & E, CBC Television but thankfully Discovery Canada wanted to purchase the show for its 2017 fall lineup.  In discussion with Mike Armitage, he informed the cast that he had a good feeling about the trailers and that the network that picked it up would be very pleased and impressed.  Meanwhile the family and friends of LAST STOP GARAGE (TO NOWHERE) were thrilled with the trailers.  This was the first time a reality show was even talked about in Labrador, leave alone one with a possibility of being filmed in Labrador.

So we waited with anticipation and LAST STOP GARAGE was finally “green lit” on November 15th, 2016, some seven months after the trailer was released. Green lit means the broadcaster has approved funding to begin production. Leander received the call from the development producer as he was landing on an Air Canada plane in Montreal.  This was the weekend in the city when Collin Baikie had a fight furthering his MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) career.  The weekend discussion was filled with excitement about a new show development and one where Collin Baikie won his fight match.

The shows tile was changed from Last Stop to Nowhere to LAST STOP GARAGE.  Understandably so as ‘to nowhere” means just that.  Whereas when one leaves the open road at North West River, there are many more Inuit communities further north.  Rigolet, Postville, Makkovik, Hopedale (Natuashish – Innu) and Nain are all accessible via snowmobile.  It would take a party two days of travel to reach the northernmost Labrador community of Nain, but it is accessible.   Last Stop Garage title lets the public know it is a “mechanical fix it shop” but again it’s the last town you leave from or first reach on your wilderness journey.  CRB Automotive can fix anything mechanical.  Sometimes finding parts might be a challenge but we can fix anything.  Again we get Zambonis, all models of snowmobiles, out boards, lawn movers, ATV’s, snow blowers, loaders, ultra lite aircraft, all models of cars and trucks, really anything with a fuel burning motor.  We have helped many people over the past ten years of being in business at the end of the open road.


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