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EPISODE 12: Construction Barge

December 05, 2017

With limited roadways leading to the numerous shoreline cabin areas in our region, a barge to move building materials would be something that could be used forever.  We searched around but there aren’t any barge type vessels worthy of salvage so the only option was to build one.  Something none of us have ever done before.  The joke on set was this project was well above any of our pay scales.   Read More

EPISODE 11: Stage Coach

December 03, 2017

When McKenzie came to us with her project it took us a while to actually find a usable bus and then a while longer to figure out what could be created to make it special.  The bus was stationary in Trudy’s yard for 12 years and really did need work just to get it to start up and roll out.  After having it towed back to our shop we were really glad we had help from others behind the scenes
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EPISODE 10: Asphalt Truck

November 24, 2017

The inside joke here in Labrador is that we hate to see cement or asphalt being torn up just because the cost of replacement, cost of materials and the length of time it took to get it there in the first place.  Years ago in Labrador City, there were several asphalt plants going around that Town paving residential driveways using broken asphalt leftover from some major project. 
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EPISODE 9: Hovercraft

November 23, 2017

Hovercraft, like the fan boats are few and far between in Labrador.  They still are very useful machines in the north……especially the spring and the fall seasons when boat or snowmobile travel become dangerous on the ice and waters of our rivers and bays.  The actual hovercraft in the show was bought in Ontario and transported to Labrador, as like I say, very few exist in Labrador.  
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EPISODE 8: Hot Rod Wagon

November 22, 2017

Old vehicles are actually very hard to come by in our neck of the woods.  Even tho North West River as a community is 275 years old, we as a people only started having access to vehicles in the late 50’s.  There were and are people who live in our community whom have never had a vehicle license.  The waterways in the region were and still are our transportation avenues.  
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EPISODE 7 : Monster Mud Truck

November 22, 2017

The greatest challenge we have living in the north is the lack of roads and or road maintenance.  In the immediate area of North West River we only have 2 or 3 forest access roads to travel on.  Even tho we live in a heavily wooded boreal forest region of Canada the forest industry is now nonexistent.  Fifteen years ago when the industry flourished these roads were maintained. 
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EPISODE 6: Fan Boat

November 09, 2017

As kids growing up in the 70’s in North West River, a mineral exploration company had one stationed in the community.  This is the first fan boat in the community in many decades.  We were all excited for this project.  As the spring sun melts the snow and the Bay ice, travel becomes dangerous for all of us who use snowmobiles as transportation.  This time of the year we call it, “Ice...
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EPISODE 5: Labrador Snowtanker

November 07, 2017

Fuel is expensive in the north but as much a necessity as food, water and air.  Those old Alpine snowmobiles were work horses back in their day.  We were excited just to find one locally that was usable. Yeah one with good brakes!  Those snowmobile trails are so very important to all of us in mid spring.  We have seen families from the north coast driving back home on them with full k...
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EPISODE 4: Trail-Groomer Rescue

October 31, 2017

It is true.  North West River is at the end of the open road.  The furthest point in Northeastern North America one can drive in an automobile.  There are 6 more Labrador communities further north from us that are only accessible by airplane, boat or snowmobile. No highways here.  
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EPISODE 3: Rink-Making Machine

October 31, 2017

When we decided to host this community hockey game for the show, it was really too late in the spring.  The community rink area did not have an existing ice surface and was now filled with 4-5 feet of snow.  We managed to clear the surface but because the sun was higher in the sky, the pavement beneath kept heating up in the spring sun and kept the water from freezing as a sheet. 
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EPISODE 2: Snow Bus Resurrection

October 30, 2017

Living in Northern climates, the Snow Bus was a big deal and a necessary mode of travel back in the 50’s and 60’s in Labrador.  Before the invention of the 2 person snowmobile, the snow bus was the select mode of transportation.  Partly because it could carry supplies and 10 people…
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EPISODE 1: Skidder-Tow Truck

October 30, 2017

When the staff of CRB Automotive began thinking about “A” stories for each episode, we began searching the Upper Lake Melville area for anything motorized that is still usable.  The woods industry was a big deal in this region, and then one morning we woke to find the paper mill in Newfoundland was closing meaning the supply chain of Black Spruce out of Labrador was done.  
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